2020-2021 Board of Deacons 

“Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office.” (from the Book of Order, 2011/2013, G-2.0201)

  • Holly Distefano, & Cathy Ostermueller, Co-Moderators
  • Don Wallace, Treasurer
  • Holly Distefano, Recording Secretary
  • Rev. Justin Karmann, Pastoral Advisor

For more information on the becoming a deacon, click here.

The Board of Deacons Mission

  • We are a ministry of caring, a ministry of love, a ministry of compassion, and a ministry of prayer
  • Deacons intentionally share the love of Jesus Christ to the church and the community – spiritually, mentally and physically
  • We bring the personal love of Christ to those suffering loss, hospitalization, loneliness and hunger; and, we offer tangible support to those in challenging situations

The Board of Deacons Commitments & Initiatives

  • Bringing fellowship and comfort to those in need of companionship
    • Home visits, Cards and Caring, Flower delivery, Hospital and Assisted Living visits
  • Welcoming and serving the community at large
    • Community Dinners and Community Garden
  • Advocating, giving, nurturing
    • Food pantry, Advent Angels, Immigrant­­­­­­ & Refugee aid, Child Sponsorship, Helping Hands
  • Living a spiritual life
    • Faithful attendance at Worship
    • Serving the Sacrament of Communion
  • Participation in church programs and activities

The Board of Deacons Ministries

Deacons are organized into 6 ministries as follows:

The “Food Pantry” Ministry: Provide support to Food Pantry in any way needed

  • Howard Stein
  • Gail Stein
  • Don Wallace

The “Whispering Knoll” Ministry: Monthly visits to engage with residents

  • Laura Knecht
  • Norma Tambingon
  • Holly DiStefano
  • Lisa Lussier

The “Community Garden” Ministry: Managing the 16 plots that are leased to interested members of the community

  • Tom Yakowenko
  • Lindy Rutter

The “Healthy Homebound” Ministry: Person-to-person ministry – Caring visits and sending cards

  • Heather Koball
  • Beverly Mahon
  • Robyn Smith

The “Special Events” Ministry: The Deacon point of contact for all Events that go on within FPC

  • June Young
  • Kristina Scoglio
  • Conny Mandagi

The “Helping Hands” Ministry: help out elderly or infirm members of FPC with light household tasks and rides to Church

  • Carey Kotake
  • Sandra Laluw
  • Matthew Pajow
  • Jonathan Fernandez
  • Steven Hoffsommer

The Youth Deacons Ministry: help out with FPC Youth Ministry

  • Laura Knecht