Posted by First Presbyterian Church

Wow! What an amazing Monday at the Great Bible Reef! For access to the full photo gallery, call the church office or, if you’re a VBS family, check your email for the password, or pick up a flyer in the lobby.

Turnout was fabulous with over 160 fish involved including our many volunteers. But you know what? It’s not so much about achieving a high NUMBER as it is the QUALITY of the impact we can make with devoted participation from the smallest fish to the biggest whale!

Today at the Great Bible Reef the first thing we learned is that God taught us how to PRAY! Thanks to our dance choreographer, Sydney, for showing us some of the moves. Don’t worry — we’ll learn some more on Tuesday. It’s always a fun way to start the day!

It was super-exciting to meet the STAR of the VBS puppet show, Mr. Fivepoint Starfish. He is visiting his childhood home, the Great Bible Reef, for vacation, traveling with his personal assistant, Jelly, a very enthusiastic jellyfish with absolutely NO backbone.

While at the reef, Jelly has arranged for a performing group, the B Attitudes, to entertain Mr. Starfish. But the B Attitudes have more in mind than just entertainment. On Monday, the B Attitudes used a story about hermit crabs to demonstrate how important it is to care for others. Their beatitude for the day:

“Blessed are those who show mercy, for they will be shown mercy.”

The B Attitudes explained that Jesus meant that when you are kind and forgiving, God will be kind and forgiving to you! We also learned a Bible verse today. It’s from Philippians chapter 2, verse 4:

“Care about others as much as you care about yourselves.”

In Bible Story time, we saw how Baby Moses was cared for by a princess after being found floating in a basket in a river.

Below, some general photographs. Be sure check out the full gallery from Monday by clicking here and entering the password!

Note that we will be posting photo galleries throughout the week of VBS. Be sure check out the full gallery from Monday by clicking here and entering the password!

If you need the password, call the church office, check your email, look for a flyer in the Narthex, or ask Mrs. Leardi. Enjoy!