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It was a slippy-slidey super-fun Tuesday at the Great Bible Reef! Best part about Tuesday? SPRINKLERS and WATER SLIDES! For access to the full photo gallery, call the church office or, if you’re a VBS family, check your email for the password, or pick up a flyer in the lobby.

Today at the Great Bible Reef we remembered that God taught us how to CARE, and we learned that he also taught us how the TRUST. Thanks to our dance choreographer, Sydney, we now know even more of our awesome wake-me-up-and-get-me-moving dance!

Jelly was excited to find out that Mr. Starfish really does trust her, saying that she’s a great personal assistant. We think there’s a slight possibility that Jelly hoped he’d pick her to emcee the Talent Show on Friday. Jelly is probably the most enthusiastic jellyfish this side of the Cayman Trench.

Meanwhile, the B Attitudes learned that all their gifts come from God, and they quoted one of Jesus’ beatitudes to help us understand:

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Jelly still wasn’t quite sure, so Barracuda explained this beatitude: “Give God credit when you’re good at something because everything you have is a gift from God!” We also learned a Bible verse today. It’s from Psalm chapter 27, verse 14:

“Trust the Lord!”

In Bible Story time, we loved seeing Pastor Arlo as Simon Peter. And that movie that features Molly and Jonah is tooooooo funny.

We are amazed at how fast our fish are learning our camp songs. Mrs. Day, Mrs. Hansen and all the helper-fish do such a great job teaching us. And we are deeply thankful to our games coaches for that awesome treasure hunt. Wonder what tomorrow’s crafts and snacks will be. Hmmmm. Always something creative and fun!

Remember that on Wednesday, the road outside the church is being paved, so come early, or if you get stopped by barricades, tell the police that you need to get to church camp. Because we LOVE to see your smiling faces.

Below, some general photographs. Be sure check out the full gallery from Tuesday by clicking here and entering the password!

Note that we will be posting photo galleries throughout the week of VBS.
Tuesday’s full photo gallery

If you need the password, call the church office, check your email, look for a flyer in the Narthex, or ask Mrs. Leardi. Enjoy!