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As Presbyterians, we follow a form of governance that stresses the active and representative leadership by both ministers and church members. Elders, who are elected members, form the Unicameral Board and are the governing authority.

Click here to download a PDF listing the Staff, elders, and deacons as of July 29, 2021:  July 29, 2021 Staff, Elders, & Deacons List

Unicameral Board

The Unicameral Board meets on the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Fred Garry
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Clerk of Session: Paul D. Gunsser
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President Board of Trustees: Jim Krauszer
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Vice President Board of Trustees: Roland Staal
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List of Current Elders, Class of 2022
Ethan Draper, Michael Draper
John Keithler, Tracy Regan
Emma Staal, Jennifer Thompson
Colleen Walker, Doris Younken

List of Current Elders, Class of 2023
JoAnne Bedenek, Nancy Blomn-Kipnis
Linda Boughton, Niall Corbalis
Gary Ostermueller, Brian Smith

List of Current Elders, Class of 2024
Fred Blake, Isidoro Garcia
Doris Gulotta, Jim Krauszer
Virginia Shaw, Roland Staal

Current Deacons, Class of 2022
Ann Behrens, Karen Keithler
Jack Kipnis, Reed Leibfried
Belinda Lijeron, Veronica Lijeron

Current Deacons, Class of 2023
Jane Brown, Charlie Day
Tom Giordano, Sr., Cathy Ostermueller
Nancy Regan, Reynolds Shaw

Current Deacons, Class of 2024
Wendy Kukowski, Jennifer O'Neill
Claartje Ruhukay, Yunus Ruhukay
Chris Van Pelt, Don Wallace


Christian Education Commission:
  Chair: Jennifer Thompson
  ( )
Congregational Life Commission:
  Chair: Nancy Blomn-Kipnis
  ( )
Finance Commission:
  President Board of Trustees: Jim Krauszer
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Commissions (Continued)
Mission & Outreach Commission: 

  Chair: Colleen Walker
  ( )
Personnel Commission: 
  Chair: Linda Boughton
  ( )
Stewardship Commission: 
  Chair: Gary Ostermueller
  ( )

Commissions (Continued)
Worship & Music Commission: 

  Chair: Virginia Shaw
Youth Commission
  Chair: Michael Draper
  ( )