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We have an active and vibrant youth ministry program that welcomes young people in 7th through 12th grades. Our students enjoy weekly fellowship activities, mission projects and trips, service opportunities, and more as they grow in faith together. We invite all youth to join us!

Check out our new Devotionals Page for helpful devotional resources with readings and activities specifically developed for teens and their friends and families.

Youth Group

By imparting a communal outlook for our youth, our church family’s goal is to imbed profound hope and courage for teens as they prepare for life in the adult world.  We encourage youth to become independent thinkers allowing them to lead small groups on their own.  As an energetic part of our church family, our teens serve vital roles in Church leadership. Many regularly participate with adults on committees and commissions (like elders and deacons) where their input is respected. Our youth group’s focus on community service is fundamental to our church’s mission of helping others. We work with them to build their confidence in working together so they can achieve their goals. Examples are procuring financial assistance for mission trips, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, clearing debris from the New Jersey Barrier Islands, and volunteering to help victims of natural disasters like re-building projects. Our Youth Group is a success because it has attracted many new teens who regularly participate in our programs and, like us, think of our church as a home away from home. Youth Group meetings are a time for sharing the joys and concerns of daily life. They include prayer, games, speaking roles, music , and other activities. Meetings are Wednesdays in the Education Building from September through June.


  • Junior High (7th-8th grades):  6 p.m. - 6:45 p.m., Senior High Room (2nd floor of the Education Building)
  • Senior High (9th-12th grades):  7:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m., Senior High Room (2nd floor of the Education Building)
  • Westminster Choir (7th-12th grades): 6:45 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. in the Choir Room
  • Chapel and Good News Ringers (7th to 12th grades):  7:15 p.m. - 7:45 p.m. in the Sanctuary balcony.

This is a new start time this year to make it easier for youth and volunteers to make it on Wednesdays. Due to the shift a light snack will be offered to replace the joint dinner together.

Confirmation Class (7th & 8th grades)

  • Class Time 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Library



Try to not eat or drink anything for 30 hours! Many people regularly suffer that way. To appreciate this first-hand, once a year our Youth do the same thing (under supervision).  It is often a life-changing event. The experience gives them the impetus to find ways to help those in need of food and water.

Presbyterian Young Women

  PYW Seniors

All young women among our youth are invited to join the Presbyterian Young Women. This group performs service projects, goes on retreats, and enjoys fellowship with one another. To learn more about the Presbyterian Young Women, please contact Nancy Leardi.

Mission Trips

FPC Youth regularly participate in mission trips and service projects including a Habitat for Humanity trip in the summer. Our upcoming fundraisers include:

  • May/June  – Krispy Kreme Donut Fundraiser 
  • June – Car Wash

Youth Vocal and Handbell Choirs

Please click here to learn more about our Youth Vocal and Handbell Choirs.