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Children and Youth Registration Form

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It is helpful to know about any medical conditions or behavioral concerns your child may have. 

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If you prefer not to list medical concerns and discuss privately, feel free to contact our CE Director Nancy Leardi, or call (732) 4912264.

As the parent/legal guardian, you give permission for your child to attend and participate in the activities at First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen. You certify that the information you have provided is correct. You authorize the adult leader of the church youth group to secure medical care, including hospitalization and other medical attention deemed necessary by a licensed physician for your child. You acknowledge that all costs associated with any medical treatment for illness or accidents while at a First Presbyterian event are your personal responsibility.

In the event we cannot reach either parent/guardian, let us know who we may contact.

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By registering your child in the Sunday School and various Youth Programs of the church, your child may be photographed, videotaped, filmed on livestream feeds, and/or recorded as part of their participation in any of the church’s worship services and events, from the date hereof and such video recording or photograph may be included in any church publications, website, or on the social media platforms of the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, New Jersey.

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